Take help of automation tools


An instagram bot is neither more nor less than a computer program that is capable of imitating human behavior automatically. In the Social Networks, the bots have gained a great prominence in recent years .

Years ago, companies that were dedicated to the little noble work of buying and selling followers, simply sold a handful of false followers to a brand to increase their number of followers, but the technique was not perfected. It was noted that these followers were false and after investigation, it was clear that the accounts had no profile picture, or followers, or activity, ergo etc.

But you know that nowadays everything evolves very fast, and there are already companies that are dedicated to raising real farms of false accounts that behave as if there really was a human behind. Not only are accounts with real aspects (profile picture, bio, posts …) but also interact with other users!

But to curl the curl, it is also possible to link your account to one of these programs to increase your followers without moving a finger .

That is to say: you can achieve REAL / HUMAN followers while you are the one who cheats by linking your account to a bot! Is it not twisted?

Well, what I’m telling you is not new. The bots have been used on Twitter and YouTube but when they came to Instagram they did it in a big way. I would say that it is the Social Network in which the presence of these small cybernetics is most noticeable.


Well, very simple, you just have to connect your Instagram account with the corresponding program and configure a series of parameters depending on what you want the bot to do for you.

The Instagram bot will use the API of this platform to connect to your account and do X actions (comment, do like, mentions, give follow, give unfollow) in your name. Simply programs will be executed while the robot takes care of the rest.

NOTICE: If you are tempted to use this shortcut, I warn you that Instagram does not allow the use of bots. Moreover, in its terms of use makes it clear that at any indication of this practice, the account can be automatically suspended.

It’s putting your credibility at stake and risking Instagram closing your account forever. In addition, no one proposes a collaboration to someone with many followers if they are of quality and the engagement is real.

So, what can the bot do for you?

Follow / Unfollow: follow randomly lots of users per minute. Statistically of each 10 at least 1 or 2 will return you in follow. What happens to all those who do follow you? The bot unfollows for you so that the number of followers does not exceed the number of followers.

Give like: the bot can give likes everywhere to all those users who use a hashtag. For example #picoftheday

Comment automatically: this is my favorite because it is so absurd. You just have to program some random phrases and add a filter to comment on only certain photos. Example: the photos with the hashtag #marketing that are published between 9.00 and 17.00

Since the random comment will be published in many photos, it must be generic so that it fits. This is another opportunity for the author of that photo to feel happy and decide to comment also and return the compliment with a follow or a like.

All these tasks can be programmed to run at a specific date and time or even to be carried out separately or all at once.