Things to know when building a personal brand

Many people associate the word brand with a company or some large business, however, that is not the most accurate description. A brand can apply to a person as well – simply put, something that sets you apart from others, the things that evoke emotion and instantly remind people of you can be called a brand. But how do you achieve this coveted recognition?

Know yourself

First and foremost, identify your strengths. If you are more attracted to financial markets, it would be a huge mistake to try and establish yourself as, for example, a legal aid. It might sound ridiculous now, but consider the idea of hearing that certain fields are easier to get into; you might get seduced by the thought of seemingly simpler start, but that will lead to nowhere. Which is why it’s important to embrace the thing that makes you unique. Ultimately, building upon the aspect that you are successful at will lead to more clients, better deals and greater recognition.

Understand your client

The second step would be to visualize your target audience and realize what they need. As you start out, you probably want to attract a huge number of people (because that would be just ideal), however, think of it like fishing: you may put some bread on the hook, a thing that is technically suitable for all fishes, and wait till some of them go for it; or you can research what exactly the particular type of fish – the one you want the most – wants and try with that. Chances are, specified bait will give you the best results. The same is with marketing, you cannot just offer yourself to everyone as doing everything. Find a niche, build on it, put effort into understanding what your audience wants. And once you identify what drives your potential clients, what problems they face, you can set out to help them conquer it all, with the help of your unique knowledge and personal touch – what could be better? One success story will turn into several and you are well on your way to become an established brand.


And this brings us to our next step – networking. It is always a good idea to connect with other people within your chosen field of work, it will keep you sharper and up to date with the happenings. Not going to lie, connecting with people who are essentially stomping on the same ground as you can be intimidating, but as long as you keep visualized brand in front of you as a driving force, it will be fine – and do not take this as some motivational speech, it’s quite literal. No two brands are the same – and they shouldn’t be – otherwise one of them will be pushed out. When creating a brand, you may have identified some strengths that others lack, so build on it. Networking also applies to clients, only it’s a bit different, bordering on marketing. The best example is the word-of-mouth principle. A satisfied client will more likely give their recommendation to their community, which in turn brings more people flowing to you. And in case you are building your brand as a specialist looking for a well-paid job, this would mean that there is a good word for you on the market, giving you better opportunities.

Establishing a presence

Last but certainly not the least important step is to create an online presence; in this particular case it would be a website. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a specialist, seeking your own company’s success or looking for new work opportunities, having a website will look both professional and attractive. You can lay down your ideas and vision, present the possible client with all that they need to know about you as a person and your brand: what you offer, what is your goal, how you can improve their lives and or businesses. Furthermore, you may also present testimonies from satisfied clients and that is one of the best possible advertisements there can be.


So take a look at these tips, grab a pen and paper and get brainstorming. It will not happen overnight, but with drive and patience, you will soon see your brand moving forward.