What is online marketing?

Online marketing is a term as stretchable as the universe itself. It includes all measures aimed at directing to a particular internet presence on which a business can be completed. According to the objective and the starting position, each method has its weaknesses and strengths. This article is designed to help you find the online marketing method that will make your business the most successful.

Banner Marketing

Banner marketing is probably the most used online marketing method. Almost all major websites use banner ads. These are usually embedded directly in the website and link from there to a landing page. Payment is usually per click and depending on the size of the banner. It works similarly with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

• Advantage: You achieve a result relatively quickly. This method is ideal for promoting an event or seminar, for example.

• Disadvantage: Only works if no ad-blocker is installed. As soon as you stop investing in money, you will not receive any visitors. Banner’s click through rate is extremely low today.

Search Engine marketing

Search engine marketing is about optimizing Pages on your site for frequently searched terms and thereby achieving a high search result ranking. At least since the Google Updates Panda and Penguin this plays a very crucial role. Because if you do not optimize your site for search engines (especially Google), it’s as visible as a needle in a haystack.

• Advantage: Content on your website will be better in the long term. You can build a better website in the long term.

• Disadvantage: Search engine marketing does not work overnight.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers, but also to attract new customers. What you need for it? Email address! These are best generated on your website with newsletter and blog subscriptions, or they offer handy downloads . Make sure that you always offer useful content in your emails and not advertising. Too many emails are also not good, because that could deter the readership from receiving more newsletters.

• Advantage: The customer can be tied to the company. Low cost and fast information transfer.

• Disadvantage: Spam filters often prevent the advertising emails from arriving at the addressee.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing is about the relationship between companies and customers promoter. The company pays promoters (affiliates) to promote their product on their websites. This happens in the form of links, banners and advertising texts. The customer who finally clicks this ends up on the company’s website. On the basis of cookies, the company learns from which promoter the customer has come to the website.

On affiliate networks like Zanox , as a company you can find suitable promoters for an affiliate campaign.

• Advantage: low risk. You only have to pay affiliates in case of success.

• Disadvantage: Advertising costs, only works if users do not use an ad-blocker.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing uses social networks such as Facebook , Twitter or LinkedIn to increase awareness of the company. On these channels, the reach for content of the company can be increased. Social media marketing is therefore often used together with content marketing .

Social Ads

To increase the reach of your social media channels, you can advertise. For this, an advertising campaign with a daily budget is defined and a target group is defined. It’s a good idea to test multiple versions of the ad text over a short period of time to find out which one works best for your audience.

• Advantage: With social ads you can reach your target group very precisely.

• Disadvantage: Advertising costs. Not sustainable: As soon as you have no more budget available, there is no effect anymore.

Video Marketing

Video marketing works much like TV advertising. Nowadays, on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo, everyone can create a video with an advertising message and put it online. To be successful with video marketing, one should pay close attention to the message and the quality of the video. The following formats are common in video marketing: live interviews, how-to videos, sales videos, webinars / podcasts, making-off videos.

• Advantage: Websites with videos have higher conversion rates and a higher Google ranking. In addition, Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine.

• Disadvantage: High-quality videos mean a lot of time and money.

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Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla means translated as much as guerrilla warfare. And indeed, many guerrilla marketing campaigns are working with shock and provocation. It’s about making a big impact with as small a budget as possible. Unlike traditional advertising, unconventional and original means are used that arouse emotions and stay in the memory for a long time.

Here are some creative guerrilla marketing ideas:

To create this emotional and unexpected effect, it is necessary to define your Buyer Personas before a campaign . Only when you know the most important demographic key figures (age, gender, preferred medium) of your target group, you can be creative. There are no limits, because the best guerrilla marketing strategy for your industry has not yet been developed.

The following formats are often used in online guerrilla marketing: podcasts, blogs, photos and infographics.

• Advantage: Affordable, spread by word of mouth.

• Disadvantage: no guarantee of success. Message can be misunderstood.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a process where the customer receives valuable information across their entire customer journey and ultimately makes a better purchase decision. Unlike advertising, the potential customer is not reached by interruption, but receives answers in the form of helpful blog posts, videos, or podcasts the moment he seeks solutions on the Internet.

This creates trust and opens the interest for the company and its products. The more customers rely on the Internet, as well as on social and mobile technologies to obtain information and make purchasing decisions , the higher will be the demand for relevant content.

• Advantage: Long term higher traffic and conversions. No costs for advertising.

• Disadvantage: Results only visible after a few months.

Conclusion: Online Marketing Methods

As you can see, every online marketing method has its strengths and weaknesses. At the beginning of a campaign, it makes sense to use ads to get more traffic to its website. In the long term, however, an inbound marketing campaign that regularly sends you new contacts pays off.