My Take on Social Media

Social media to me is an amazing phenomenon. I admit when it first arrived on the scene, I thought it was a fad that would fade. I never thought people could have meaningful connections via the internet. Okay, I am going to say right now that I was 100 percent wrong. If there is anyone who has had a complete change of mind on the concept of social media, it is me.
Two years ago, I entered the world of Facebook for two reasons: the first was that my husband and I started an NFL analysis site. A publicist friend of mine told me to think about giving Facebook a whirl as a promotional tool. The second reason I went on Facebook was because my dogs’ godmother signed up. Yes, my dogs have a godmother in case I die or become incapacitated and cannot handle their daily canine needs. I feel better knowing the girls are in good hands.

“Who will want to be my friend on Facebook besides you?” I asked Godmother Beth.

“You don’t need tons of friends. People find you,” she assured me.

“I don’t have a good picture. I won’t have to do one of those pucker-lip poses like the young chicks, do I? Pursed lips on them look sexy, but on me I would look like a fish gasping for its last breath. I might scare people off. ”

“People put up any picture. It doesn’t matter. No one is going to judge you.”

Apparently, she had not seen recent photos of me. Despite my nervousness over the photo, I signed up. Within days, college friends who I had not heard from – well-since college, pinged me and asked to be friends. They chatted about our old dorm mates and old boyfriends. They sent me pictures of their most recent spouses and their kids. Yeah, it’s a regular old reunion. Have any of them gone to my NFL website? According to Google Analytics – NO. Yes, people I can tell who has and who has not been to my site. I swear; they think I am so dumb.

When I told my publicist friend that I joined Facebook, she squealed with excitement and insisted I try out a few less known social media sites that she was helping to promote. As it turned out, these sites were not the top tier of social networking. I tried to be polite and request and accept friends, but most of the people on those sites wanted me to join their multi-level marketing companies with promises that I could be a millionaire in about six months. If it was that easy to be a millionaire in six months, how come there are not more millionaires around? The other invitations I got seemed to revolve around religion or spirituality. I don’t begrudge anyone their beliefs, but I am just not a person who can commit to a new religion that easily especially one that wants me to abandon this planet of sin for a new life on Venus. I know Earth has its problems, but I am still sort of fond of it, and I don’t feel the urgency to leave it just yet. I no longer interact with anyone on those sites.

Once I started to feel a little more comfortable about Facebook, I took another brave step – into Twitter. I started a Twitter account for, but then my publicist friend suggested I start one just for me. She told me to think beyond the print publications that publish my humor work. I did not even have a chance to say “yes” or “no”. A few days later, she started a new account for me on Twitter and started posting my work on various writing sites.

I guess I understand why people pay her. She is tireless in her goal for promotion, and she gets the job done. She says I have a deep-seeded hang up about self- promotion; she thinks it’s too much Catholic school. I think she may be right. Anyway, the dive into social media has been nothing short of enlightening.

Twitter and the writing sites are my favorite social media tools. These sites are to new contacts what Facebook is to old contacts. The people I have met on these sites have proven to be good friends. We not only converse online, but we talk on the phone, and several I have met in person. I have made friends from all over the world, and may I just say how much I appreciate the fact that the rest of the world learns the English language! I try to converse in Italian and Spanish with some of my international friends, but I know my skills are woeful at best. However, my friends from across the sea never make fun of me unless I accidentally call them a bad name.

Have I become a social media expert? No way, I am still learning about the lists, trending topics and hashtags on Twitter, and I don’t know how to play any of the farm games on Facebook. I have the Twitter application for my phone, but I haven’t activated it. Maybe if I go somewhere exciting, I will tweet about it, but I don’t think anyone cares if I go to the dry cleaners or bank.

I do get nervous about social media too. There are always news reports about computer viruses coming from Facebook applications, and I worry that the Federal Government may interpret some of my Tweets as threats to Homeland Security. I read that they monitor tweets. I don’t know if that’s true, but it is a little unnerving. I did get a spamming virus one time on Twitter. I thought I was sending out my link to my blog, but I was sending out a link to porn. Honestly, l do not know how that happened. Many people yelled at me and un-followed me, but one kind lady told me what was going on and walked me through the solution.

So, what have I learned? I learned that there is a world of great people out there, and some not so great people. In fact, I met a guy on Twitter who offered to bring me to California so I could experience the thrill of complete and open love in his cabin. I thought he was kidding; it turned out he wasn’t. Luckily, Facebook and Twitter have that un-follow and block option. It does come in handy sometimes.

I hear many people complain that social media has destroyed the need for human contact. I disagree completely. I have made more friends on social media in the past two years than I have in person in the last 10 years. Is social media a substitute for in-person relationships? No way. But it does add interest to my daily life.

Social Media Invades Television

The introduction of social media into popular culture has forever changed the way television researches its audience. No longer are media focus groups the only gauge for broadcasters, now decision-makers embrace new technology for feedback on anything and everything related to their product.
Ted Linhart, Vice President of Program Research at USA Network is an active member of Twitter. His feed, at “@TedOnTV”, is a mix of current show commentary and information about development, along with breaking network news. A press release about the feed promises that Linhart will reward followers with giveaways and show memorabilia.

Show creators are also jumping on the twitter bandwagon to hype their shows and let viewers in on the creative process. Shonda Rhimes, creator of both “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” and Hart Hanson, creator of “Bones”, post often with inside looks at what’s happening both in the writing process and in the actual production of their shows.

“Men of a Certain Age” creator Mike Royce talked recently about viewers commenting on a certain characters contradicting actions, saying that he had to rethink some choices he was making for that character.

So it’s clear that viewer feedback via social media often does affect the creative process.

Want to do more than just read and respond to a twitter feed? How about audition for a show?

The FOX network mega-hit show “Glee” is hosting online auditions to fill upcoming roles. Check out how you can submit your audition at

If you think the actual power of social media is still lost many television executives, think again.

Just look at the example of the Facebook campaign for actress Betty White to host “Saturday Night Live”.

Started by 29-year-old David Mathews, the campaign begin in February as a simple idea.

As 88-year-old White began enjoying a career resurgence after a role in the hit comedy “The Proposal” and a well received Super Bowl Ad, Mathews thought she’d be a good choice to host the 35-year old sketch comedy show. Using the power of Facebook, some 500,000 fans have ‘friended’ the site, “Betty White to Host SNL (please?)” at

White responded to the campaign by publicly letting “SNL” Executive Producer Lorne Michaels know that she would be game to host, but that it was up to him.

In March, Michaels announced that White will in fact host the May 8, 2010 edition of “Saturday Night Live”.

As social media interaction grows there is no telling how far television executives will go to find new ways to use it, but one thing is for sure, it’s here to stay and is already significantly changing the landscape of the medium.


How To Succeed With Your Online Marketing

Online marketing or online advertisement is a business strategy or opportunity where one would sell the company’s name or marketing products to the public using marketing techniques such as emails, social media, advertisement and search engine optimization. Online marketing is often considered as the best way or your company or products to be exposed to the public since one would be reaching out to a large number of potential customers browsing the web.

This has been one of the best marketing strategy since the invention of the internet, as most of the companies try o embrace the idea of using the internet for business and creating many new ways for advertising their products. Online marketing is a very competitive field of business and one should be very sure of what he or she is up against in order to be very successful. It is very important to know the best strategy to approach when trying to out sell other businesses and competitors.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important online marketing strategy and could be used to reach out to people who you have their contacts already. One could send promotional emails to targeted consumers or potential buyers of whatever you are trying to sell. You could also motivate others to sign up on newsletters to get more information on the kind of product or services you are providing. However, this strategy has been viewed by customers as a method of advertisement that would cause distractions as most customers would report most emails as spam or sometimes they don’t view the emails at all.

Web Development

This strategy plays an important role in online marketing as an effort to reach out to your intended audience. Developing a website establishes a field that enables your customers to obtain more information about your product or services that you are trying to offer. This has been one of the essentials of starting an online business since the customer has an idea of the content he/she is looking for and knows exactly where to find such product. Creating a website is quite simple these days although the process is time consuming depending on what the company needs to have on the website. This method has been considered cost effective at acquiring customers since they can visit your website at their own time.

Social Media

One should make great use of social networks while conducting online marketing in consideration reaching out to a wide range of customers as it build your company or products reputation. In this way one could advertise their products all over the world and to diverse customers wherever they may be and this may increase product or company awareness. You could also post videos which could help to prove the product authenticity and its legitimacy to the customers. One can also offer promotions to their products they are selling in order to attract customers.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the type of marketing strategy that most online marketers use whereby they would reward customers for bring in another customer to view or but their product or joining their company for their own marketing gain. It is effective since both the parties would gain in this strategy. One would gain more customers and at the same time the company or product would be promoted. This strategy is perfectly done through the company’s website and its very much effective by building up the company’s reputation.

Things to know when building a personal brand

Many people associate the word brand with a company or some large business, however, that is not the most accurate description. A brand can apply to a person as well – simply put, something that sets you apart from others, the things that evoke emotion and instantly remind people of you can be called a brand. But how do you achieve this coveted recognition?

Know yourself

First and foremost, identify your strengths. If you are more attracted to financial markets, it would be a huge mistake to try and establish yourself as, for example, a legal aid. It might sound ridiculous now, but consider the idea of hearing that certain fields are easier to get into; you might get seduced by the thought of seemingly simpler start, but that will lead to nowhere. Which is why it’s important to embrace the thing that makes you unique. Ultimately, building upon the aspect that you are successful at will lead to more clients, better deals and greater recognition.

Understand your client

The second step would be to visualize your target audience and realize what they need. As you start out, you probably want to attract a huge number of people (because that would be just ideal), however, think of it like fishing: you may put some bread on the hook, a thing that is technically suitable for all fishes, and wait till some of them go for it; or you can research what exactly the particular type of fish – the one you want the most – wants and try with that. Chances are, specified bait will give you the best results. The same is with marketing, you cannot just offer yourself to everyone as doing everything. Find a niche, build on it, put effort into understanding what your audience wants. And once you identify what drives your potential clients, what problems they face, you can set out to help them conquer it all, with the help of your unique knowledge and personal touch – what could be better? One success story will turn into several and you are well on your way to become an established brand.


And this brings us to our next step – networking. It is always a good idea to connect with other people within your chosen field of work, it will keep you sharper and up to date with the happenings. Not going to lie, connecting with people who are essentially stomping on the same ground as you can be intimidating, but as long as you keep visualized brand in front of you as a driving force, it will be fine – and do not take this as some motivational speech, it’s quite literal. No two brands are the same – and they shouldn’t be – otherwise one of them will be pushed out. When creating a brand, you may have identified some strengths that others lack, so build on it. Networking also applies to clients, only it’s a bit different, bordering on marketing. The best example is the word-of-mouth principle. A satisfied client will more likely give their recommendation to their community, which in turn brings more people flowing to you. And in case you are building your brand as a specialist looking for a well-paid job, this would mean that there is a good word for you on the market, giving you better opportunities.

Establishing a presence

Last but certainly not the least important step is to create an online presence; in this particular case it would be a website. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a specialist, seeking your own company’s success or looking for new work opportunities, having a website will look both professional and attractive. You can lay down your ideas and vision, present the possible client with all that they need to know about you as a person and your brand: what you offer, what is your goal, how you can improve their lives and or businesses. Furthermore, you may also present testimonies from satisfied clients and that is one of the best possible advertisements there can be.


So take a look at these tips, grab a pen and paper and get brainstorming. It will not happen overnight, but with drive and patience, you will soon see your brand moving forward.

Take help of automation tools


An instagram bot is neither more nor less than a computer program that is capable of imitating human behavior automatically. In the Social Networks, the bots have gained a great prominence in recent years .

Years ago, companies that were dedicated to the little noble work of buying and selling followers, simply sold a handful of false followers to a brand to increase their number of followers, but the technique was not perfected. It was noted that these followers were false and after investigation, it was clear that the accounts had no profile picture, or followers, or activity, ergo etc.

But you know that nowadays everything evolves very fast, and there are already companies that are dedicated to raising real farms of false accounts that behave as if there really was a human behind. Not only are accounts with real aspects (profile picture, bio, posts …) but also interact with other users!

But to curl the curl, it is also possible to link your account to one of these programs to increase your followers without moving a finger .

That is to say: you can achieve REAL / HUMAN followers while you are the one who cheats by linking your account to a bot! Is it not twisted?

Well, what I’m telling you is not new. The bots have been used on Twitter and YouTube but when they came to Instagram they did it in a big way. I would say that it is the Social Network in which the presence of these small cybernetics is most noticeable.


Well, very simple, you just have to connect your Instagram account with the corresponding program and configure a series of parameters depending on what you want the bot to do for you.

The Instagram bot will use the API of this platform to connect to your account and do X actions (comment, do like, mentions, give follow, give unfollow) in your name. Simply programs will be executed while the robot takes care of the rest.

NOTICE: If you are tempted to use this shortcut, I warn you that Instagram does not allow the use of bots. Moreover, in its terms of use makes it clear that at any indication of this practice, the account can be automatically suspended.

It’s putting your credibility at stake and risking Instagram closing your account forever. In addition, no one proposes a collaboration to someone with many followers if they are of quality and the engagement is real.

So, what can the bot do for you?

Follow / Unfollow: follow randomly lots of users per minute. Statistically of each 10 at least 1 or 2 will return you in follow. What happens to all those who do follow you? The bot unfollows for you so that the number of followers does not exceed the number of followers.

Give like: the bot can give likes everywhere to all those users who use a hashtag. For example #picoftheday

Comment automatically: this is my favorite because it is so absurd. You just have to program some random phrases and add a filter to comment on only certain photos. Example: the photos with the hashtag #marketing that are published between 9.00 and 17.00

Since the random comment will be published in many photos, it must be generic so that it fits. This is another opportunity for the author of that photo to feel happy and decide to comment also and return the compliment with a follow or a like.

All these tasks can be programmed to run at a specific date and time or even to be carried out separately or all at once.

What is online marketing?

Online marketing is a term as stretchable as the universe itself. It includes all measures aimed at directing to a particular internet presence on which a business can be completed. According to the objective and the starting position, each method has its weaknesses and strengths. This article is designed to help you find the online marketing method that will make your business the most successful.

Banner Marketing

Banner marketing is probably the most used online marketing method. Almost all major websites use banner ads. These are usually embedded directly in the website and link from there to a landing page. Payment is usually per click and depending on the size of the banner. It works similarly with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

• Advantage: You achieve a result relatively quickly. This method is ideal for promoting an event or seminar, for example.

• Disadvantage: Only works if no ad-blocker is installed. As soon as you stop investing in money, you will not receive any visitors. Banner’s click through rate is extremely low today.

Search Engine marketing

Search engine marketing is about optimizing Pages on your site for frequently searched terms and thereby achieving a high search result ranking. At least since the Google Updates Panda and Penguin this plays a very crucial role. Because if you do not optimize your site for search engines (especially Google), it’s as visible as a needle in a haystack.

• Advantage: Content on your website will be better in the long term. You can build a better website in the long term.

• Disadvantage: Search engine marketing does not work overnight.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers, but also to attract new customers. What you need for it? Email address! These are best generated on your website with newsletter and blog subscriptions, or they offer handy downloads . Make sure that you always offer useful content in your emails and not advertising. Too many emails are also not good, because that could deter the readership from receiving more newsletters.

• Advantage: The customer can be tied to the company. Low cost and fast information transfer.

• Disadvantage: Spam filters often prevent the advertising emails from arriving at the addressee.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing is about the relationship between companies and customers promoter. The company pays promoters (affiliates) to promote their product on their websites. This happens in the form of links, banners and advertising texts. The customer who finally clicks this ends up on the company’s website. On the basis of cookies, the company learns from which promoter the customer has come to the website.

On affiliate networks like Zanox , as a company you can find suitable promoters for an affiliate campaign.

• Advantage: low risk. You only have to pay affiliates in case of success.

• Disadvantage: Advertising costs, only works if users do not use an ad-blocker.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing uses social networks such as Facebook , Twitter or LinkedIn to increase awareness of the company. On these channels, the reach for content of the company can be increased. Social media marketing is therefore often used together with content marketing .

Social Ads

To increase the reach of your social media channels, you can advertise. For this, an advertising campaign with a daily budget is defined and a target group is defined. It’s a good idea to test multiple versions of the ad text over a short period of time to find out which one works best for your audience.

• Advantage: With social ads you can reach your target group very precisely.

• Disadvantage: Advertising costs. Not sustainable: As soon as you have no more budget available, there is no effect anymore.

Video Marketing

Video marketing works much like TV advertising. Nowadays, on platforms like Youtube or Vimeo, everyone can create a video with an advertising message and put it online. To be successful with video marketing, one should pay close attention to the message and the quality of the video. The following formats are common in video marketing: live interviews, how-to videos, sales videos, webinars / podcasts, making-off videos.

• Advantage: Websites with videos have higher conversion rates and a higher Google ranking. In addition, Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine.

• Disadvantage: High-quality videos mean a lot of time and money.

Reading Recommendation: Video Marketing: 8 things to keep in mind for your next campaign

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla means translated as much as guerrilla warfare. And indeed, many guerrilla marketing campaigns are working with shock and provocation. It’s about making a big impact with as small a budget as possible. Unlike traditional advertising, unconventional and original means are used that arouse emotions and stay in the memory for a long time.

Here are some creative guerrilla marketing ideas:

To create this emotional and unexpected effect, it is necessary to define your Buyer Personas before a campaign . Only when you know the most important demographic key figures (age, gender, preferred medium) of your target group, you can be creative. There are no limits, because the best guerrilla marketing strategy for your industry has not yet been developed.

The following formats are often used in online guerrilla marketing: podcasts, blogs, photos and infographics.

• Advantage: Affordable, spread by word of mouth.

• Disadvantage: no guarantee of success. Message can be misunderstood.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a process where the customer receives valuable information across their entire customer journey and ultimately makes a better purchase decision. Unlike advertising, the potential customer is not reached by interruption, but receives answers in the form of helpful blog posts, videos, or podcasts the moment he seeks solutions on the Internet.

This creates trust and opens the interest for the company and its products. The more customers rely on the Internet, as well as on social and mobile technologies to obtain information and make purchasing decisions , the higher will be the demand for relevant content.

• Advantage: Long term higher traffic and conversions. No costs for advertising.

• Disadvantage: Results only visible after a few months.

Conclusion: Online Marketing Methods

As you can see, every online marketing method has its strengths and weaknesses. At the beginning of a campaign, it makes sense to use ads to get more traffic to its website. In the long term, however, an inbound marketing campaign that regularly sends you new contacts pays off.


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